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Filter Your Water with Reverse Osmosis Systems

There are a lot of things that can affect your home’s plumbing and appliances, from minerals and sedimentation to the effects of hard water. Whatever the case, B&B Water Solutions has a water system installation that can fix your problems. When talking about quality drinking water, reverse osmosis point of use systems are a great option. Reverse osmosis systems reject minerals and contaminants to the drain and provide drinking faucets, refrigerators, and ice makers with quality drinking water.

We have filtration system options for your entire home, or point of use systems that can be installed in the kitchen or bar. Each of our systems has pros and cons, so we’ll be happy to tell you more when you dial 317-296-4005 and talk to one of our experts.

FAQ: Is filtered water not as healthy?

One of the most-common questions we get is if the minerals that our systems filter out makes water less healthy. While it’s true that our bodies need minerals and nutrients, you don’t need them in excess and that’s not all our systems do.

For example, one thing that reverse osmosis, or RO, can do is make your water taste and smell better. Your body can’t process the inorganic minerals that our system filters out anyway, so you’re not losing anything. Plus, most of your daily mineral intake comes from what you eat.

Filter Your Water with Reverse Osmosis Systems

As far as drinking water systems in your home go, you won’t find better than an RO system. What separates RO from other systems is the membrane that it uses to filter out most of the contaminants that other systems miss. The membrane will reject total dissolved solids, contaminants, etc. to the drain. The water that makes it through the membrane will go to a storage tank and is ready for use.

We have different R.O. system options, because sometimes you might not need the entire house filtered. If you mainly use the kitchen sink for your drinking water, food prep, and cooking, a point of use system might be good for you. Our systems can supply filtered water to your refrigerator for great tasting ice and water.

Of course, while you’re at it, you might want to think about having a whole house system installed. Not only will this mean quality water throughout your home, but it will protect your plumbing and appliances better. Water heaters, toilets, showers, washing machines, pipes, all of the above can benefit, but the systems do have different costs and installation needs.

To find out more about the different systems, benefits, service, or costs, call 317-296-4005 now or get started with a free consultation and estimate!

Reverse Osmosis System Overview Video

80,000 Grain RO System Installation

We recently performed the installation shown below for a new home in Columbus Indiana. In the picture is a high efficiency 80,000 grain capacity water softener that has a 1″ metered Clack control valve. The control valve will monitor water usage and regenerate as needed when they reach capacity. The control valve will also allow the customer to view how much water their family has used everyday and has a gallon per minute flow meter on display. If they lose power all of their settings are saved. The water softener has a 13″ x 54″ mineral tank with 2.5 cu. ft. of ion exchange resin. The brine tank is a round 18″ x 40″ tank that will hold 320lbs of solar salt (eight 40lb bags.) The water softener will protect all of the plumbing fixtures in the new home from hard water build up.

In the pictures is also a 5 stage reverse osmosis system that will provide filtered water to four locations throughout the home. Three drinking faucets and a refrigerator (with water and ice.) Because this R.O. system is going to multiple locations we installed a larger 20 gallon storage tank. This reverse osmosis system consists of three 2.5″ x 10″ pre-filter housings with a poly bonded sediment cartridge, granular activated carbon cartridge, and a carbon block cartridge. The water then goes through a booster pump where the water pressure increases before the membrane. The membrane is what makes the system an R.O. The water that makes it through the membrane will go to the storage tank and the water that is rejected by the membrane will go to the drain. As water is being used at one of the four locations the water leaves the storage tank and passes through one final carbon post filter. 


High Capacity RO System Installation

This system was recently installed for a home in Lawrenceburg Indiana. There is a high efficiency 48,000 grain capacity water softener and a 5 stage reverse osmosis system. The water softener has a 1″ metered Clack control valve that will monitor water usage and regenerate as needed. Like I mentioned in the previous email the control valve will allow the customer to view daily water usage totals and has a gallon per minute flow meter on display. If they lose power all of the settings are saved. The water softener consists of a 10″ x 54″ mineral tank with 1.5 cu. ft. of ion exchange resin and a 18″ x 40″ brine tank.


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Our Indianapolis location services the entire city and the surrounding suburbs, including:

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Filter Your Water with Reverse Osmosis Systems

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not a reverse osmosis system installation is right for you, here are a few of the key benefits:

  1. T.D.S., and harmful contaminants removed from drinking water.
  2. Improved taste with drinking water.
  3. Clearer ice cubes 
  4. Protects refrigerators from build up. 
  5. No more water bottles.


If that sounds as good as it is, give us a call today at 317-296-4005 and schedule a free consultation and estimate. You have nothing to lose and better water to gain!


Ray is such a great guy. From the beginning, Ray was thorough and made sure I understood each step and every process. I will only be using and referring B&B Water Solutions from here on out.

-Riley M.