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Treat the Iron with Well Water Systems

Discoloration can be an obvious sign that there’s an unusually high amount of iron in your water supply. If you do laundry and notice that your clothes are stained brown or the area around your faucets turn a reddish tint, those are signs you may have iron. Unfortunately, it is common to see high levels of iron in well water in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

You might be lucky enough that your home doesn’t have this issue, but a large number of people have more iron in their well water. It’s not exclusive to Indianapolis, though, because these kinds of stains and problems happen all over. Many people also don’t know that there are different types of iron.

Because we don’t want you to worry about what’s in your water, give us a call at 317-296-4005 today and get started with a free consultation and estimate. We might be able to be out there on the same day!

Lower Iron with Well Water Systems

You don’t have to be a chemistry major to see the frustrating results of ferrous iron. It’s similar to sugar because it dissolves in water, but the issue is that you can’t see it. You can see what it does, however, by the discolored orange or brown stains that it leaves on clothes and sinks. The reason this happens is because of how iron oxidizes when it’s exposed to the air.

Whether you realize it or not, water doesn’t all go down the drain immediately. Some of it gets left behind and that’s when the iron in the water oxidizes to stain fixtures. You might have noticed a brown ring around your toilet’s drain, which could mean that a water system such as an iron filter can treat the clear water iron in your well water supply.

Another common type that’s often found is ferric iron. This one is orange because it’s already oxidized, which means there are tiny particles in your water supply. Our well water systems can filter those particles out, because ferric iron takes no prisoners when it comes to staining your bathroom.

While they both leave particles in your water supply and both look orange, colloidal iron isn’t the same as ferric iron. Ferric iron would eventually separate itself from water if you left it in a cup, but colloidal iron plays by different rules.

The particles are generally too small for most local and city filters to sift them out. There are specialty filters, like a nano filter, that specifically take out smaller particles. Our water softener systems are designed to help, so don’t hesitate to call when you want your water filtered!

Filter with Well Water Systems

There’s still one more iron that you might want to know about and that’s organic iron. This one is important to know about, because it’s a source of “food” for slime bacteria. That bacteria then finds itself in your well water, which is disgusting. There are a few ways to notice if organic iron is a problem for your home:

  1. Your dishwasher leaves a weird film on glassware.
  2. Your clothes come out of the laundry stained after using bleach.
  3.  You find a slimy, orange substance where water sits, like your toilet tank.

These can all be signs that you’ve got organic iron, also known as bacterial iron, in your well water. It’s like a hitchhiker bacteria that makes its way into your water supply by way of the iron particles. 

The darkness of your toilet tank lets the bacteria turn into a jelly and the chlorine in your bleach reacts with organic iron to stain your laundry. If you notice any of these issues, you might have a bad case of bacterial iron.

When you schedule a consultation, we won’t just test for iron. There are other particles that can be found in your water supply, like tannin, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese. We can use backwashing filters to get the sulfur smell out of your water if hydrogen sulfide is present.

Tannin is another ingredient for bad discoloration, so we like to check for it at the same time that we’re looking for types of iron. If you want to know how our water well systems can help you, give us a call today at 317-296-4005 for a free consultation and estimate!

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