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Hard water can show itself in a number of ways that are all visible to the eye. If you keep reading and think you’ve got hard water, give us a call at 317-296-4005 for a free consultation and estimate. We might even be able to get you an appointment the same day for your water softener system installation.

One way that hard water can affect your home is by causing clothes to fade faster than usual in the wash. It can also stain a yellow tint on white clothes, even after you’ve separated them in the laundry. It might also cause a nasty film to form on your glass and tiles, or leave your car looking dirty after you wash it. That’s because of the iron contained in hard water.

If you don’t think that’s too concerning, consider that hard water can affect your water heater. The iron in your hard water forms into sediments at the bottom of your water tank as it settles and the sedimentation can damage your tank. This can lead to leaks over time, which is a serious problem. It’s not just sediments, though, because hard water can harden on water-related appliances like faucets.

That limescale build-up can cause damage to your appliances or even the plumbing in your home, which can lead to expensive repairs or replacements. Your washer, refrigerator, water heater, shower, kitchen sink, and more can all be affected by hard water. If you’re not sure or think you need softer water, feel free to call us today!

Service Areas

Our Indianapolis location services the entire city and the surrounding suburbs, including:

  • HQ: Indianapolis, IN
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  • Six Points, IN
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  • Warren Park, IN

Ray is such a great guy. From the beginning, Ray was thorough and made sure I understood each step and every process. I will only be using and referring B&B Water Solutions from here on out.

-Riley M.